Welding potential:

  • MIG – 131, MAG – 135,
  • TIG – 141 ,,
  • SMAW – 111,
  • Micro-plasma (sheets thicker than 0,2 mm)

MATERIALS: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum

Welding of large constructions – size 5000x3000x2500 and weight of 10 tons of carbon and stainless steel in two separate welding halls.

Welding supervision by IWE welding engineers. Welding based on the company’s quality control system and 3834-2 and ISO 1090 standard. Wide range of technological welding powers confirmed by WPQR’s and notifying units UDT and TUV. Quality control of welds VT2 and PT2, vacuum and pressure tightness tests. In addition, soldering, welding, abrasive blasting, etching and passivation of welds in stainless steel.


1 ZKP            1 1090