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Thermoforming machine

TESPRO806 is fully automatic high-performance thermoforming machine designed for the production of containers from rigid thermoplastic films. Depending on the installed forming mold machine can produce trays, lids, clamshell containers etc. made from various types of polymers such as PS, OPS, PVC and ELM. Maximal thickness of thermoformed film is 800 µm. Forming area dimensions are 790 x 560 mm. depending on applied mold and the film type – maximal forming depth can reach 135 millimeters.  TESPRO machine can be equipped with stacker for automatic intercepting of formed containers which enables the full control over the height and distance between the stacks.

technologia opakowanPackaging production technology

      1. The material unwound from a roll is fed into the machine forming area. The heating platen is moved up until the knives area reached. The compressed air is injected pressing the material down to the heating platen ensuring its fast and uniform heating.
      2. As plastic reaches the desired forming temperature, air is exhausted from the mold and forming air pressure is applied through thousands of tiny holes in the heating platen quickly forming the packages.
      3. After the forming process is completed and the forming air is vented, the cutting dies penetrate the sheet, leaving just enough material to keep the packages connected to the web.
      4. Then thermoforming machine opens and formed packages are removed by air leaving the mold. In some cases, the mechanical ejector is applied.
      5. The formed packages, still attached to their web, are transported to the edge of the table and self – detached there.
Maximum forming area mm 790 x 560
Maximum depth of draw mm 135
Material thickness range mm 0,2 ÷ 0,8
Maximum sheet width mm 820
Maximum cutting lenght mm 11.000
Maximum cycles per minute cykl/min 35
Minimum air pressure bar 6
Air consumption m³/min 1
Supply voltage V 230/400
Installed power kW 35
Dimensions mm 3600 x 1520 x 1960
Weight kg ~3660
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UT806C machine enables automated collecting and stacking packages made by TESPRO thermoforming machine. Stacker control and programming is processed through the control panel of the thermoforming machine. Control program allows for adjusting following parameters: stack size (quantity of packages per stack), distance between stacks, package height, range and characteristics of mechanical arm motion (speed, acceleration, braking) in horizontal / vertical axis.

After stacking adequate number of packages, conveyor belt is activated (it can separate the stacks, and move them out of the stacker working area.

Efficiency of the machine enables to collecting the packages and stacking them in real-time.

Machine dimensions L x W x H mm 1860 x 1975 x 2675
Height adjustment m ~0,2
Maximal output: cycles/min 15
Vacuum ejector capacity l/min 223
Compressed air consumption l/min 320
Compressed air pressure bar 42831
Number of suction cups n/a 20
Belt conveyor width mm 880
Belt conveyor length mm 1500
Supply voltage V ; Hz 230/400 ; 50
Installed power kW 1,5
Weight kg ~200
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