Vacuum chambers, special devices

Vacuum chambers, special devices

Vacuum chambers


TEPRO is the manufacturer of vacuum chambers, which are produced according to our own project or on the basis of the documentation provided by the customer. Examples of the manufactured chambers are shown in the pictures.  Most of the chambers are produced with stainless steel. There is possibility to use the different materials, according to the requirements of the customer.

Minimal pressure for which we are making the chambers is 10-8 hPa. We offer the technical advice related to the vacuum chambers designing process.

 Banknote packaging stands



We are offering four models (PP3.3, PP4.2E, PP4.6, PP5.5) of our vacuum packers in a special bank edition adapted to pack bank notes, coins (rolled or loose) and Securities. They can be equipped with a replaceable marking bar, that enables to leave specific text or signs on the package sealing.
Basing on vacuum packers, we produce working stands for packing bank notes that consists of:
– device that compresses the bank notes and puts them into the package (manual or electrical press)
– vacuum packer
– work table
Advantages of packing bank notes in vacuum:
• Protection against humidity
• Protection against dirt
• Decreasing the bank notes volume
• Option to put an inscription on the package seal
• Information when ether non-authorized persons are opening the packages
• Protection against permeation of odors
• Possibility to install the machine in office rooms


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sciskacz reczny poprawiony

Press allows for initial compression and facilitates placing bank notes into the bags before vacuum packing. Initial compression allows for use perfectly fit package for desired amount of bank notes.
Press operating involves placing the bank notes file in the press, compressing, attaching the bag to the press arms, inserting compressed bank notes into the package.
We produce manual and automated presses. In manual presses compression and entering the bank notes to the package is done by manual lever, in automated press those steps are executed after pressing proper buttons.

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