Measurement of the components in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality System procedures or according to the additional requirements agreed with the customer.

Measurement machines equipped with the software which automatically generates the protocols and reports manufacturing errors.

We have:

  • CMM measuring machines with a range of 1800x1000x800 mm, maximal weight of measured element 2300 kg, accuracy 0.001 mm
  • manual 3D measuring machine with a range of 440x490x290 mm, max. weight 227 kg, accuracy 0.005 mm
  • measuring arm with a range of 2400 mm, accuracy 0.025 mm
  • Ra and Rz roughness profilometers
  • height meter up to 600 mm, accuracy 0,005 mm
  • callipers, inside micrometres, micrometres, gauge blocks etc.

Our services include:

    • Measurement of details in the laboratory for external customers,
    • Measurement of details directly at customer’s place
    • VT-2 and PT-2 welds examination
    • Calibration of measuring tools
    • Pressure tightness examination up to 1400 bar
    • Vacuum tightness examination using helium or pressure increase method
    • Pumping out the vacuum systems up to 1×10-9 mbar


1 ISO 9001            1 ZKP 1090           1DNV 1348