Digital vacuometers

Digital vacuometers



Digital vacuometer PK1100

Digital vacuometer PK 1100 is the professional measurement tool developed for users and service technicians of vacuum pumps, packaging devices and other vacuum machines and installations. Vacuometer PK 1100 enables possibility of fast, direct measurement of pressure from 1 to 1100 hPa.

Measurement of vacuum level can be executed through direct placement of vacuometer into the vacuum chamber, or using screwed probe consisting elastic cord tipped with universal adaptor which gives possibility to plug the gauge to the connection terminals of vacuum pumps (GZ type) and to the quick-connection flanges (KF type). Solid, devoid of sharp edges and corners aluminium casing enables possibility of vacuum packaging tightness examination. The measurement flange location prevents inlet closing by plastic bag during vacuum packaging.

LCD display of gauge gives the possibility to screen minimal and actual value of pressure simultaneously. It delivers transparent information about pressure increase in vacuum chambers or packaging during tightness verification process. Vacuometer PK 1100 has energy – saving function: after 5 min. of idleness gauge switches to the hibernation mode, which prevents battery from discharging.

Scheme of vacuometer PK1100.

Schemat PK1100
  1. power switch
  2. LCD display
  3. unit switch (hPa/mmHg)
  4. reading memory switch
  5. reset button
  6. keypad lock
  7. measurement flange with M5 screw-threat socket for probe connection.
  8. baterry chamber coverMeasuring probe with GZ/KF adapter



Device advantages:

  • fast vacuum measurement (o after inserting vacuometer into vacuum chamber, or after connecting to the GZ/KF flanges using measurement probe
  • high accuracy of measurement
  • universality of applications
  • possibility of change displayed pressure units
  • the lowest pressure memory function
  • 2 – line display (possibility of simultaneously screen minimal and actual pressure
  • energy – saving function
  • solid metal casing
  • compact dimensions and low weight
Pressure measuring range 1-1100 hPa 1 ÷ 1100 hPa
Accuracy do 1% 2
Displayed pressure units hPa / mmHg 2
Dimensions 64x105x24,5 [mm] 64x105x24,5 [mm]
Power supply 9V alkaline battery 6LR61 dioda LED
Weight 245 [g] 245



MP1000 gauge is the professional measuring instrument for measurement of the pressure within the range 1-1600hPa. Gauge is equipped with two relay outputs which enable switching on/off devices after reaching the preset pressure level. Device is suitable for operation in industrial and laboratory conditions as a free-standing device, or as a panel in a control cabinet. Gauge is characterized by the high precision and intuitive operation.

MP1100 is microprocessor device equipped with the pressure transducer allowing digital vacuum indication.

The MP1000 gauge is used as a measurement and control tool in vacuum devices and installations.

MP 1000
Pressure measuring range hPa 1 ÷ 1600
Number of relay opuputs pcs. 2
Number of set vacuum levels which triggers each relay pcs. 2
Electric parameters of devices triggered by each relay relay A / V (~) | A / V (=) 0,5A / 230V | 2A / 30V
Relay state indication - dioda LED
Presure transducer connection - G 1/4" (zewn.)
Settings password protection - TAK
Protection level - IP40, od czoła panelu IP65
Power supply V / Hz 230 / 50
Dimenisons (W x H x L) mm 102 x 62 x 122
Weight (with AC adapter) g 950

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